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Fencing Pictures

Please view some of our before and after pictures of the completed fencing

wheelbarrow of ballast and cement for concrete posts of fence
hole dug for fence bay, and used postcrete around last post
old broken fence and gate removed for a more stronger fence in bearwood smethwick
new fence and gates fitted up in my area smethwick
fetched old picket fence out for a 3ft fence along side and bottom of garden
3' fence constructed up in back garden between the next door neighbours

Outdoor Garden Gates

taken broken gate down and replaced for a new one
new gate with pad bolt lock and inges fitted
broken fence made into a new back yard garden gate with frame
featherboard gate hung on 2 wooden posts
broken gate removed for a new kingsnorton feather edge gate with new fixings
closedboard pine gate with latch pad bolt lock and inges fixed up in garden
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