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Block Paving and Driveway Examples

Besides just general gardening services we also provide paving services too including block paving on front and back driveways for any customers in or around the Birmingham area, we have many choices in different designs from traditional block paving to contemporary paving to choose from. Call us today on 07773872986 or fill out our contact us form here for a free quote to supply and fit the perfect driveway.


Charcoal block paving


Red brick block paved drive


Charcoal coloured paved pathway


Corner block work in back garden

Specialist block paving service's

When choosing to have block paving can had many benefits to your household overall with making entering or leaving your home even easier and more accessible it will also had considerable value to your existing property. If you're thinking of installing a new driveway we have many options and designs within budget for all your needs. Please see below some of the benefits and options available.

What are the added benefits of having block paving?


There's lots of benefits to have from laying block paving to your garden. Block Paving is one of the most popular low maintenance endurable options for your home. The benefits include.

  • Hard wearingBlock Paving is known to last 20 years.

  • Low maintenancedue to the nature of materials involved, jet washing/sanding are only required.

  • Enhanced appeal of the property - With a wide selection of styles to choose from, there are plenty of options available.

  • AccessibilityCreating a smoother safer area for parking cars or vehicles off road.

  • No planning permission - You won’t need any planning permission for the installation of block pavement on driveways if using Permeable or porous paving, but there are certain circumstances where it is required.

Why choose us for your Block Paving?

We can manage all types of groundwork including block paving on front and back gardens including driveways and patios, we have over 15 years experience within our trade and maintain a high standard of workmanship. A lot of our work usually comes from recommendations off previous satisfied customers. Get in touch by filling out our online form to arrange a free quote.

Driveways -

Front driveways are one of the most popular areas for installing block paving too, which enables homeowners ease of access and relatively low maintenance and costs compared with other styles of driveways like gravelled drives which will eventually discolour and become harder to maintain due to weathering. 

Paths - 

We can also use block paving for pathways in and around the garden which not only looks appealing, but is long lasting and easier on the foot than other types of materials such as gravel/stones etc, as being more durable its also better for drainage too! when choosing permeable paving one of the added benefits is to allow water to run off easier by filtering through its structure eliminating pooling and flooding in your garden.

Patios -

Another popular choice are garden paved patios. With a wide range of styles and products available such as bradstone, marshalls and so many more we are sure that you'll find the ideal design for your garden layout. Overall paved patios are a great choice to install to any outdoor space. 

Final thoughts -

If block paving seems like the right choice for you whether its installing a new front drive for car accessibility or installing a garden patio please get in touch so we can help. Fitting new block paving can be a big investment to make, however, will certainly pay off over time. We can even do repairs to existing driveways as well. We can undertake a wide range of projects ranging in size, cost and suitable timescales for any customer.

If you have budget in mind we can advise which options would be more affordable and cost effective. The suppliers we use for all of our products are of top quality and won’t disappoint.



Tim Marston



average rating is 5 out of 5

Block Paving - Front

Drive - Birmingham

"Our front drive block paving looks truly amazing, thanks for all the hard work lads. Will recommend."

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